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M&S Contracting full service contractor : Our services include repairs and installations for home interiors and exteriors. From an attic conversion to basement, M&S has the experienced and skills to get the job done. We specialize in designing and selling cabinetry along with all accessories to complete the customers projects. By using our services, you'll feel confident knowing that you're choosing the best contractor among qualified professionals. M&S Contracting works with clients to review and analyze existing and upcoming projects. We help the client define goals, organize and manage the project, identify obstacles, and resolve problems prior to and during construction. This process leads to optimized strategies. Construction projects are complex undertakings with many pitfalls, some predictable and some that are not predictable. M&S will identify and resolve construction issues in a timely manner during any phase of a project. The end results are projects completed on time and within budget.
30 Years Experience